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Here's how it works:
You set up a thirty minute call.
We have an interesting conversation.
If we can solve your problem, we do.
If not, we recommend somebody who can.
Maybe you think it's too simple.
Now you know our secret.

Our goal is simple: to help you cut down barriers in your business and get value from Salesforce. Every day, we help admins and developers take control into their own hands using the platform. Contact us today - we promise instant access to a full stack team who are really easy to work with.

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BigAss are Salesforce and Sencha certified and we like what we do. If you work with us, you will like what we do too. Having released several successful ISV packages underlines that we can offer a depth of knowledge to our clients that rivals that of much bigger consultancies.



Our work

Services Package

Amazon Web Services SDK


The Services Package is the only enterprise grade service container native to Salesforce.

It provides automatic bulkification, automatic exception handling, and automatic transaction management.
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Our AWS SDK for Salesforce makes it easy for Apex developers to access Amazon Web Services.

Build robust applications and software using services like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, etc.
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VISIT for Salesforce

Webhooks Package


We've integrated Salesforce with VISIT, the award-winning event registration, ticketing and data intelligence solution.

N200 VISIT enables event organisers to interact with their visitors, exhibitors, and each other.


This Salesforce connector creates durable, point-and-click Webhook endpoints backed by persisted events.

Receive notifications from Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.
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